Monday, June 18, 2012


Hi there! Welcome to the very FIRST post of my "Kinder Garden" blog! I created this blog to share my experiences in the classroom, techniques, bulletin boards, and participate in book studies! I have a classroom blog as well but chose to keep that one for my Parents and Students!

So I am currently on Summer Vacation! Woo Hoo!!! I have been so excited to start summer vacation and what do I find myself doing? I am constantly looking at Classroom stuff on Pinterest and checking out other Kinder blogs! I feel like I have hit a gold mine with all the wonderful and amazing Kinder blogs out there! I came across a Book Study for the Daily 5 and went right out to buy the book! I had looked at the book before but didn't buy it. Bad decision on my part! On the other hand, it is scheduled to be delivered by the end of the day tomorrow!!

I just completed my 5th year teaching Kindergarten and am so excited to start my 6th year! I know this blog will grow just like my teaching career has! I love teaching and I really LOVE learning new techniques that will help my teaching and student growth! 

I also just started a Facebook page! Id love for you to become a follower of both! 

Happy Summer! 



  1. congrats on your first post ♥

  2. I just started my blog too! Check it out & follow me :) I've taught k for 25 years & hope to blog about my experiences as a k teacher. Sarah